Q: Fee Fixing; How do you arrive at the fees to be collected?

Ans: The assembly decides what the fees it charges for each service


Q: Does the machine generates the fees automatically or needs to be manipulated manually.

Ans: The Ananse Payment platform generates fees automatically based on the rates provided by the Assembly.


Q: Will the machine give room to vary fees among different properties?

Ans: The fee fixing is flexible and allow different properties or service to have different fees.


Q: Cost- How much will it cost the Assembly to run on the Ananse System?

Ans: The Usage of the Ananse system is offered as a service. The cost of an Ananse service is which is negotiated with the Client based on the nature, duration and volume of service required by the client.


Q: How well does it synchronize with accounting and auditing system of the assembly?

Ans: The Ananse Service can be integrated into any Accounting or auditing system that uses a standard database system (Access, SQL, MySQL, Oracle). Data from the Ananse System may be exported to a standard spreadsheet and statistical software packages, such as, Excel, SAS, etc., for further analysis and report generation.  


Q: Will the software ever be obsolete? If yes, does the Assembly need to buy the new version and how frequent will the new versions come?

The Software is supported and is regularly updated by an established technology company so it will not be obsolete within its license period. Clients with fixed license terms can renew their license.


Q: Can the Machine (SikaPay) generate invoices for clients whose data had not been captured on the Ananse data system, when such clients pay their daily toll (Hawkers, Peddlers, food vendors etc.) that is, is it able to capture records for both registered and non-registered customers.

Ans: The System captures all transactions whether the service beneficiary or tax payer is registered or not.